Sandy Unscented

Sandy Unscented is a clumping litter made of 100% Premium Natural Sodium Bentonite. Sodium Bentonite offers excellent odour properties when it comes to odour binding. When properly used with daily scooping there is no need to use scents or masking agents, ideal for sensitive noses. Its hypoallergenic, contains no chemicals or additives. Its truly odourless, absorbs bad odours naturally.

Sandy Baby Powder

Baby Powder scent is comforting and calming which is not only pleasing to humans but also its cat friendly. Sandy is gently scented with Baby Powder using natural ingredients. Cats smelling sense is 14 times bigger than humans and strong scents can overpower the cat’s sensitive sense of smell that is why we specially designed the Baby Powder formula.

Sandy Marseille Soap

If you are looking for a cat litter which brings a sense of cleanness Sandy Marseille Soap is the right choice. It brings the traditional smell of Savon de Marseille  to your house. Marseille soap is a unique fragrance that creates a cleanness sense for those who want a refreshing, relaxing and comforting feeling in the litter box, it’s also cats friendly.  Sandy is gently scented with Marseille Soap using natural ingredients.

Sandy Ocean Breeze

Sandy Ocean Breeze is as good as a morning sea breeze that sweeps you away to the coast on fresh, aquatic winds. Captures the cool sensation of a refreshing sea breeze and bring a clean and fresh feeling to your litter box. As we do with all our litters its gently scented using natural ingredients not to overpower smelling sense of cats.

Sandy Active Carbon

Although Sodium Bentonite alone offer excellent odour binding properties, the combination of Activated Carbon and Sodium Bentonite works like a miracle when it comes complete odour binding.  Activated carbon is made of coconut shells a completely natural, highly porous form of carbon works together with Bentonite for odour binding. The large inner surface of Activated Carbon with its special pores traps bad smells such as ammonia and cat feces.  It’s ideal for homes with male cats, senior cats or multi cats.