Our Litter

It’s made of 100% Natural
Sodium Bentonite clay

This is the key to Sandy’s clumping power. We believe that the essence of good cat litter lies in strong and instant clumps, low dust, and effective odor control. Our production philosophy is centered around maintaining these three key elements. Sandy uses natural sodium bentonite, which clumps naturally without the need for soda activation, unlike other types of bentonite. It has a natural grey color, similar to what cats use in nature, providing a completely natural experience for felines.

Our litter is made of ultra-compact granules which are soft on paws suitable for kittens as well. Ultra-compact granules absorb the liquids very quickly forming a strong clump making easy to scoop, leaving the rest of the litter box clean. Many litter companies put all kinds of additives and chemicals, to mask odours. This is done for humans, not for cats. The main reason why they do this is because the litter material they are using is not able to eliminate the natural ammonia odours. A good litter made of fine clay does not smell if used properly according to the instructions. Cats are very sensitive to smell, their smelling ability is 14 times greater than humans, excessive usage of fragrances and chemicals may cause allergic problems on cats. This is the main reason why we produce Sandy Unscented, for sensitive noses.


On the other hand, we are aware that many cat lovers prefer litters with fragrance. Our philosophy is fragrance should not be powerful causing stress and allergies on cats. Our litters with fragrance are gently scented and not disturbing the smelling ability of the cats. Our scented litter such as Baby Powder, Marseille Soap, Ocean Breeze are not only pleasant to humans but also, they are cat friendly made with only natural products.


The dust found in litter can be harmful both for humans and cats. In the long run excessive dust in the litter may cause respiratory problems on cats and causes a cleaning problem in the house. We produce Sandy completely dust free safe both for your cat and you.

Sandy is not only safe for cats
but also safe for humans and the planet.

Sandy is strictly developed by cats and theirs loved ones before going to the market. Our cat friends are always involved during the process and gave us their powerful feedbacks so that we could meet their expectations. We are also in touch with the veterinarians and clinics around the country to understand what they really expect from a litter. Sandy is made of premium quality Sodium Bentonite which is coming from our mines in Turkey.  We meticulously control the quality of raw material both in the mine and in the plant. Our mining operations are realized responsibly leaving the lowest carbon footprint. After completing the mining operations, we do environmental restorations according to strict regulations and laws. We are respectful to the planet.